Subjects / Research Participants (Human Research Protection Program - HRPP)

Information for Research Participants

Who / what is IRB Services?

IRB Services is an independent company that reviews research with humans and performs ethical oversight of the research that it approves.

Here is some important information about research that might be of interest to people who are considering participating in a research study.

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Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

If you are in a research study that was reviewed by IRB Services, the Subject Information and Consent Form that you received from the researcher will include relevant contact information. Typically, it will direct you as follows:

  • If you have a medical emergency, please call your local emergency number, such as 911.

  • For specific questions about the study or to make appointments, please call the study staff listed in the Subject Information and Consent Form.

  • You may contact someone at IRB Services who is not affiliated with ongoing research or the research team if you:

  • have questions about your role and rights as a research participant

  • wish to obtain more information about clinical research in general

  • have concerns, complaints or general questions about the research

  • wish to provide input about the research study

If you are not in a research study, you may contact someone at IRB Services if you have general questions, concerns, or comments about being in studies, or if you have questions about the rights of people in studies.

Useful Links


To contact the HRPP Office with questions about your rights as a research participant or concerns about a research study that you are participating in, please click here.