FDA 21CFR 56.107 IRB Membership: '(a) …The IRB shall be sufficiently qualified …to promote respect for its advice and counsel in safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects…'

The membership of the IRB is comprised of a group of individuals with the necessary experience, knowledge, and credibility to scientifically and ethically execute its responsibilities in the protection of the rights and welfare of human research subjects. The group is a mix of distinguished university and community based people with an interest in the area and understanding of both the theory and the practicalities inherent in the kind of research protocols the IRB is likely to review.

IRB Services board membership list available on this website have been anonymized to protect the privacy of individual board members. Detailed membership lists are available by contacting us directly. Contact us.

IRB/REB generic membership list:

IRB Services is officially registered in the USA and has been successfully inspected by the FDA:
FDA/OHRP IORG Registration # IORG0000456

Please note: currently there is no official registry for research ethics boards in Canada, though IRB Services has official recognition on a provincial level and can conduct reviews in more provinces and territories in Canada than any other central IRB. IRB Services is a member of CAREB (Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards), PRIM&R (Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research) and is the only Canadian independent IRB that is currently awarded Full Accreditation by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP).