IRB Meetings have been scheduled as shown on the chart below. Meeting dates may change, according to circumstances; any significant modifications to this schedule will be posted at

All projects are to be submitted online using CIRBI, our exclusive electronic platform, accessible online. Projects will usually be sent to the first available meeting unless otherwise specified on your application.

Ad Hoc Meetings: Ad hoc meetings can be arranged with as little as one-day notice, if required. Please contact us for further information and applicable fees.

“Expedited Review”: Projects involving minimal risk to subjects do not need review by full board at a convened meeting. If you believe your project to qualify as minimal risk, you may request an “expedited review”. Please contact us for further information.

Please note that for US only or North America wide projects, submissions are to be made to our US office in Columbia, MD at Chesapeake IRB through our online CIRBI platform. Meetings are held daily, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday). Please visit Chesapeake IRB’s website for more information or contact us for more details on Canada/US coordinated reviews.

SUBMISSION DEADLINES: (All Times are Eastern Standard Time)

Ontario IRB (ON-IRB): submit by 12:00 noon on Tuesday before meeting date.
Québec IRB (QC-IRB): submit by 12:00-pm on Thursday before meeting date.

2017 Meeting Dates

Should you have any questions regarding scheduling/meeting dates please contact us.