The Right Company, The Right Culture

Integrity, Respect, Service
IRB Services is a service-driven organization dedicated to excellence in human research participant protection, committed to providing efficient customer-oriented services to research sponsors/CROs. We partner with sponsors, researchers and participants to advocate for and promote scientifically and ethically sound research. We cultivate a culture of conscience both within our organization and all organizations with which we interact.

  • ethical review of research and related services Since 1993

  • sophisticated and well established HRPP

  • Canadian & American boards fully accredited by AAHRPP

  • Industry leading CIRBI™ submission and information system

  • Simplified applications utilizing SmartForms™

  • Rapid reporting of Board decisions

  • Understand diverse customer needs

  • continuous quality improvement program

  • only IRB/REB with official Canadian provincial recognition and therefore able to service more of Canada than anyone else

  • only IRB/REB to have registered physical boards in both Canada & USA.

  • Canada/USA boards received full accreditation by AAHRPP

  • French and English language Board reviews

  • Boards are 100% Canadian

The Right Staff

  • experienced and knowledgeable

  • customer focused & service oriented

  • committed to communication and follow up

  • metrics driven

  • dedicated teams for unique needs of various research projects in various disciplines

  • Multilingual Support: English/French-Canadian/Spanish

    • translation services and document verification

    • research subject HRPP inquiries handled in each language

The Right Technology

Proven, Reliable, Secure, Highly Available

CIRBI - Centre for IRB Intelligence
Much more than just a portal. ™
The industry’s most advanced and proven online ethics system,exclusively available at IRB Services/Chesapeake IRB, allows you Real Time access to submit and track projects utilizing Cloud-based Adaptive SmartForms technology, 24/7, from anywhere with internet access.

Government Trusted and Secure

CIRBI is a complete, proprietary cloud-based 21CFR Part 11 compliant platform for research ethics/IRB application processing, handling both committee administrator tasks and management information developed exclusively for IRB Services/Chesapeake IRB. This system has transformed the way ethics reviews are processed in North America and has been in use since 2007. It has handled over 10,000 applications, 20,000 registered users.

The Right Boards

Boards to meet the needs of US and Canadian Researchers

  • multiple Boards with frequent meetings means one-stop North America wide review (US/Canada: Ontario, Québec)

  • experienced and knowledgeable in research and ethics

  • diverse backgrounds

  • experienced reviewing Phase I – IV studies; including Natural Health Products, Bioavailability/Bio-equivalence, Device, and Social-Behavioral

  • experienced in expedited reviews of minimal risk studies and determining if research studies may be exempt from IRB review

  • participate in continuing education

The Right Partnership

Partnering with our clients to reduce our carbon footprint
  • CIRBI electronic platform reduces internal paper use by 99% utilizing the latest technologies for secure (e-submission and electronic document) management to benefit the environment, the business and the client

Partnering with our clients and society to improve the human condition
  • supporting quality research and development of therapeutic entities

  • enhancing public awareness and understanding of the research process